How does SettleMetal work?

Place a service request through the website or call us at 8884422335. We visit you, pick your mobile device, diagnose it, settle it deliver it and for the mean time provide you with a spare phone– making the process completely hassle free for you.

How do I place a service request at SettleMetal?

You can create a service request through the following:

Is SettleMetal authorized service center?

SettleMetal is an independent operation where devices like smart phones, tablets

,laptops etc are repaired by experienced professionals.

What are the cities SettleMetal operates in?

Currently, we offer services only in Bangalore and have scheduled to start services very

soon in rest of the metro cities.

What happens to my device once it is picked up?

You receive a SMS confirmation once your device has been picked. Your device is then

dispatched to our workshop where it is diagnosed and repaired.

How long does it take for my device to be repaired & delivered?

It could take anywhere between 1-3 days depending on the damage. SettleMetal takes

on average two days repair service for selected devices. We try to give your device within 24 hours of placing the order.

Is there a warranty on the repair service undertaken by SettleMetal?

  1. SettleMetal provides a service warranty of 3 months from the time device has been delivered.
  2. The warranty only covers the issues/components which were fixed by SettleMetal. Any other issues with other components not serviced by SettleMetal will not be covered under warranty.
  3. Warranty doesn’t cover any breakage/damage caused by external environment after a device has been delivered.
  4. Repairs of liquid damage or water damage devices do not carry any warranty.

What are the products issues covered in the service?

SettleMetal service covers a lot of issues faced by devices – from mobile battery not working to having laptop touch screen replaced. Check for the list of brands, models and issues covered at our website.

Is the SettleMetal fee waived if my phone is in warranty provided by manufacturer?

SettleMetal takes only 349 Rs as convenience fee when your phone is under manufacturer warranty.

Does the original manufacturer warranty void post repair with SettleMetal?

If your phone is within the manufactures warranty period, it will void post repair with

SettleMetal. SettleMetal is an independent service provider.

Is there a service charge on SettleMetal warranty repair?

There is no service charge on complaints regarding repairs done by SettleMetal.

How safe is my device with SettleMetal?

SettleMetal guarantees the safety of your electronic devices by providing security insurance and undertaking responsibility against any possible theft/loss caused while the device is in its possession. SettleMetal won’t be held responsible for issues which are discovered during the process of repair. Repair/diagnosis of device might result in minor wear tear, hence the device might not be returned in as is state. In case of device being misplaced by SettleMetal, a fully functional device of same / similar configuration will be given to customer as replacement.

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